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1995, Dissociative Identity disorder,female,bisexual,
I'm studying Diploma in Fine Arts

DIR EN GREY ,eroguro,nagoya kei,photographies,animals and some random posts.May include stuff about me too cuz hey it's my blog.May also include not safe for work stuff.
Last single “side effects”

FAR EAST KANOJO independent label _ _2011 Publisher Release Date Jun 29 general stores
品番_FSE-2934 Part _FSE -2934
収録曲_ __ Track
1_副作用 1_ side
2_プラットホーム 3_告別 4_ Farewell 2_ 3_ 4_ platform
※ボーナストラック含む全4曲収録予定仕様_紙ジャケット / 6Pブックレット価格_1,575(税込み) Jacket price _1 / 6P __ Paper Specification booklet will contain all four songs ※ bonus, 575 (tax included)
インストアイベント_詳細はこちら _ Is more in-store events here.
ショップ特典_詳細はこちら _ Award more shops here.
取り扱い店舗一覧_詳細はこちら _ List of Stores is more here.

※初回生産分のみボーナストラック1曲収録 Only 1 minute bonus tracks ※ Edition

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